Chapters 1-2 of “Psychology” by Mayers and Dewall

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This paper is a reflection on chapters one and two of the textbook “Psychology.” In chapter one of Psychology, Mayers and DeWall (2021) discuss psychology as a science. Mainly, one has to be able to critically analyze the information and data they receive from varied sources. Today, people have access to a lot of information about mental health, and psychology has become popular. However, not all the information posted online, even if it is posted by a celebrity or a person who claims to be an expert, is valid. Therefore, evaluating the facts and critically analyzing the information one receives using knowledge about human biology has become essential.

One’s mental health is equally impacted by their genetic predisposition to certain conditions and lifestyle and environment. In the second chapter, Mayers and DeWall (2021) focus on disclosing the biological processes under which the human mind works. Mainly, the authors note that psychology is interchangeably linked to biology, and therefore, mental health issues should be analyzed by first examining the underlying biological causes. Equally important is the person’s environment and behavior, which also affect the brain and biological processes needed for survival. For example, blood pressure can be affected by one’s lifestyle. Moreover, in this chapter, the authors rightfully note that one should not examine the human brain without the body, as both affect one another (Mayers & DeWall, 2021). Therefore, this chapter helps see the connections between the biological makeup of an individual, which is affected primarily by their genes, their habits, and their mental well-being. In summary, this paper is a reflection on the two chapters of the “Psychology” textbook.


Mayers, D. G. & DeWall, N. C. (2021). Psychology (13th ed.). MacMillan.

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