Creative Techniques for Generating Ideas

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Generating ideas is a very complex process, and to achieve results, it is necessary to master various creative techniques. The use of such methods and an idea of how new ideas are formed is the key to the development of creative abilities that are so necessary for modern specialists. The generation of ideas is an integral part of the practical and creative activities of people.

Mind mapping is a method aimed at visualizing connections and activating associative thinking. It allows people better to cover the whole picture of the studied issue and activates creative thinking through graphics. It is necessary to draw or write an image of the problem in the center (Cunnah, 2020). On the branches that will depart from it, people need to write down ideas. Associative thinking is necessary to expand each branch into smaller ones gradually – this will allow us to work out each new thought in detail. Use drawings, make the map multicolored – for greater clarity and use of imaginative thinking. This approach will help determine the main goal, which needs to be decomposed into smaller sub-goals in the future. This will allow thinkers to act gradually, realizing and understanding each step. In addition, creativity is manifested in the process of drawing a mental map. For each branch to differ from the previous one, it is necessary to show ingenuity.

The method of six hats by Edward de Bono has become quite popular at present. The Way of 6 hats is a psychological role-playing game. A hat of a particular color means a separate mode of thinking, and by putting it on, a person turns on this mode (Mind Tools Content Team). The white hat helps to understand what information is missing, where to get it, and how to use the existing data. The red hat allows people to concentrate on the internal perception of the problem.

The black hat allows looking at the situation from an evil and pessimistic point of view. The yellow hat, on the contrary, requires considering the issue from an optimistic point of view. The green hat is responsible for creativity, the search for unusual ideas, and extraordinary views. The blue hat is not directly related to the development of a solution. For the method to work, it is necessary to “put on” all the hats.


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