Discussion of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

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Das, S., Goyal, N., & Sayeed, N. (2020). Efficacy of adjunctive Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills in Childhood and Adolescent Dissociative Disorders: An open-label pilot study. Journal of Indian Association for Child & Adolescent Mental Health, 16(2), 45-61.

The article presents the results of the study of the effectiveness of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills in treating dissociative disorders and improving depressive symptoms in children and adolescents. It was a hospital-based trial study conducted on a sample of five children between 12 and 17 years of age diagnosed with dissociative disorder. Over the period of eight weeks, they underwent an intervention based on DBT skills therapy. The results showed significant improvement in dissociative symptoms along with other psychopathology associated with dissociative disorders. The article concludes the DBT therapy is an effective way to treat dissociation, which needs to be practiced in combination with other methods of intervention.

Stone, S., & Storm, B. (2021). Search fluency as a misleading measure of memory. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 47(1), 53-64. DOI.

The study explores the relations between the fluency of retrieving the data and people’s assumptions on their ability to memorize it. It is the development of the study by Benjamin et al. performed in 1998, in which participants incorrectly predicted that they would be more likely to remember information retrieved quickly than information retrieved slowly. In the experiment by Stone et al. (2021), participants were asked to use the internet to find answers to a series of trivia questions and make predictions on the likelihood of them recalling it later. The results indicated that people generally tend to connect retrieval fluency with metacognitive judgments, despite actual performance being unaffected by it. The author concludes that the speed of access to information online has affected the way people perceive and remember data, which has had a significant effect on their cognitive abilities in general.

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