Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you can find answers to the questions that our visitors often ask.

If you need any extra information about Essay4Psychology, please check out this page before asking us your question. We have probably already answered it before.

1. Where do your essay samples come from?

All the essay samples in our database were submitted by students voluntarily. We reach out to students of high schools and universities to ask if they are willing to share their papers with us. We upload their works to our database if they agree. We also have a page where anyone can donate a paper to our database.

2. Is your database really free of charge? Are there any hidden paywalls?

Yes, you can use our database completely free of charge. Our primary mission is to help students with their assignments by providing ideas and inspiration. We do not support cheating of any kind or violation of school policies and rules. So, all our paper samples serve for research purposes only.

3. Can I use your sample to submit as my assignment?

We do not support any academic dishonesty and do not encourage any attempts to cheat or break the rules. We provide essay samples for research purposes only. You may use them to gain inspiration and new ideas for your writing. However, if you use any part of our samples, you must cite it accordingly.

4. Can I request an essay on a specific topic?

We do not accept essay samples requests. However, we update our database daily. You can try visiting it regularly to check for the topic you need. You can also try to change your search request or try to find a similar topic.

5. Can I upload my essay?

We try to keep our database as high-quality as possible. That is why we usually reach out to students ourselves. However, we do have a page where you can donate your essay to us. Make sure to complete the form and attach your file. If your paper meets all our requirements, we will publish it in our database.