Stereotyping in Psychological Research

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For this task, the topic of stereotypes was chosen. The problem is of interest to psychologists as it includes a complex of social phenomena and behaviors. Stereotypes are built on different grounds and have various consequences. This paper reviews the thesis put forward in the article by Beeghly (2021). The statement is stereotypical thinking and behavior are manifestations of discrimination. Beeghly (2021) discusses the problem from an ethical point of view, as well as regarding the application of the thesis to practice as a constitutive claim. The statement proposed in the article will be further evaluated based on the research evidence.

To analyze the thesis, it is necessary to turn to research to study the influence of stereotyping on a person’s feelings and life in general. Thus, the effect of the “angry black woman” stereotype on the professional career of female employees was studied by Motro et al. (2021). This correlation research establishes the extent to which certain independent variables (race, sex, or anger) influence the observers’ attitude and perception of a colleague – dependent variables. In other words, the effect of individual factors and combinations of elements on the inference of aggressiveness among white male employees was measured.

The results state that, indeed, stereotyping undermines employees’ performance evaluation and assessment of leadership capabilities based on their sex and race. Thus, the study by Motri et al. (2021) confirms the statement of Beeghly (2021) regarding stereotyping being an act of discrimination and negatively influencing a person’s social status. Undoubtedly, while evaluating the study results, it is essential to note that despite the identification of appropriate controls, it is difficult to talk about to which the inference can be generalized. In the end, the assessed statement is broader and includes various possible manifestations of stereotypes. To fully confirm or refute the thesis being analyzed, it would be necessary to study many variables comprehensively.


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