The Emotional Intelligence Skills

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Passing the test demonstrates a high level of self-management, so people should direct their energies to develop intrapersonal capabilities and self-awareness. In assessing self-awareness, it is worth learning to determine which feelings are predominant at a particular moment. To do this, one can use Goleman’s meditation method of focusing on the most expressed emotions (Graduate studies, 2019). It will lead to emotional self-regulation, allowing one to rate feelings based on personal and social acceptability. The way will also let one observe and understand emotions’ nature and interpret them correctly. As a result, self-awareness will grow and become much more effective than it is now. The channeling of inner talents can be used to develop intrapersonal capabilities (Graduate studies, 2019). It will improve understanding of available resources and how to use them intelligently. This method can be called a modification of meditation, as it also aims to create a regulated working system within the individual with a complete understanding of their actions.

The test showed a sufficiently high level of relationship management, but the work on oneself should not stop. Emotional intelligence-based communication techniques that unlock social potential can be used to develop management, interpersonal capabilities, and social awareness. For example, open mind techniques can be used: they are based on listening to the interlocutor without interruption. It is a way of showing respect and disposition that allows asserting communication capabilities and developing new channels (Amini et al., 2018). The technique will help in achieving thoughtful listening that improves social awareness. In addition, a feedback technique can be used, which is especially important for relationship management. It allows one to think intelligently about what information to give the listener, in what amount, and how. Feedback is always a bridge to awareness and opportunity, building new relationships, and being in tune with social reality.


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