Aspects of Vicarious Trauma

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Vicarious trauma is secondary trauma, which affects a person interacting with another traumatized individual. It is more likely to develop if he or she is under constant and regular exposure to trauma victims, which can generate a traumatic response on its own. Therefore, dealing with and preventing vicarious trauma is critical if my occupation involves such interactions.

The first activity I can engage in involves video gaming because they are easily accessible and highly addictive and do not require physical input, which makes it ideal if I cannot find sufficient motivation to exercise. Video games are the best tools to facilitate escapism, which is needed for people constantly exposed to traumatic situations and traumatized people. It is a relaxing activity, which does not need significant effort, and thus, the benefits are guaranteed. The second activity I can commit to is weightlifting, specifically selected due to its inherent nature in treating anger and releasing tensions. Although cardio exercises are also important, weightlifting is more intensity-focused, which allows strengthening not only my muscles but also has a source of anger and distress release. It can distract from the primary triggers of vicarious trauma and make me happier due to dopamine released during physical activity (Social Work License Map, 2020). The third activity I can commit to doing is yoga, which is both meditative and physically demanding. It is suitable if I seek to combine exercises with the practice of self-awareness, and the latter is needed to cope with vicarious trauma.

In conclusion, to avoid vicarious trauma due to constant exposure to traumatized people and cases, I should consider engaging in yoga, weightlifting, and video games. These activities are promoted self-awareness, and physical strength and allow one to escape from the harsh realities of the world.


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