Pappas’s Taxonomy and Accomplishments

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It seems incredibly crucial for an individual to reflect on one’s accomplishments since it helps understand the knowledge gaps and ways of improvement. The taxonomy appears to be an effective system of evaluating your achievements based on the ladder that every person moves on to become better (Pappas). Sometimes, I might feel exhausted and stuck on one step as if I do not have enough skills to proceed further (Pappas). Still, as of now, I am confident that my progress for the last six months is apparent to anyone who knows me. My main aim was to improve my leadership skills and evolve as a person on the whole. Thus, I focused on taking responsibility for my actions and answering for my failures. Moreover, I have developed my communication skills, which now allow me to quickly find an approach to any person and express my thoughts and opinions freely without any hesitation.

Furthermore, I put considerable effort into advancing my writing skills to perform better in my classes when completing my assignments. I can claim that I have also improved my comprehension skills as now I do not take anyone’s words for granted and usually check all the information I hear or read online myself. I would say that such curiosity assists me in broadening my horizons and developing my knowledge in different fields of study. Additionally, I have also advanced my reading skills as I now read at least twenty pages every day. Even though it might seem like a small amount, this way, I can focus on the material I am reading and not forget it in a few days. Overall, Pappas’s Taxonomy helps me reflect on my accomplishments by paying enough attention to different aspects of my personality to know what fields I still have to improve in the future.

Work Cited

Pappas, Peter. “The Reflective Student: A Taxonomy of Reflection.” Copy / Paste, 2021, Web.

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