Individual Self-Assessment of Emotional Intelligence

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In the emotional intelligence test, a score of one hundred points out of a possible one hundred and twenty was obtained, which is considered a high score. The highest results were obtained on the criteria of emotional control and emotional diagnosis. Twenty out of thirty possible scores were obtained on emotional response and awareness. The test showed that I belong to 69% of people with high emotional intelligence.

The test showed that I am pretty good at identifying other people’s emotional states, but it also showed that my emotional state is influenced by others and can affect my life choices. It is necessary to apply an analytical mind and rely on emotions as little as possible when making choices; therefore, it is necessary to work on this quality. The professionalism of almost any worker depends on whether or not they can master their emotions when making a decision and how much they are exposed to emotional influences from the outside. Nevertheless, an overall high score in emotional intelligence may allow me to work on a team or choose a specialty related to public communication. Understanding and identifying other people’s moods and emotions are helpful in several professions. Therefore, it would make sense to try my hand in these areas. A score of twenty out of thirty on the emotional response criterion indicates insufficient skill in comparing one’s emotional spectrum to that of others, which also requires me to work on understanding that other people have a different emotional spectrums.

Thus, the test showed a high overall score for my emotional intelligence, but there were two criteria for which I did not get a maximum score. It should not be my barrier to successful socialization in any society, but perhaps I need to work on my ability to put my emotions down during decision-making. For a more accurate and relevant analysis, more such tests are needed.

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