Nuclear Families and BLM Ideology

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A significant part of the article is devoted to the replicas of Jack Brewer, who is opposed to BLM lessons in schools. Here it is presented that the BLM ideology in schools will lead to the destruction of nuclear families (this narrative is present throughout the article, although it sometimes seems like clickbait in the title). BLM lessons not only destroy nuclear families but also sexualize children. The BLM movement and the lessons, in particular, have been declared anti-religious.

The article was provided by the news channel Fox News, and judging by the type of organization, such media should claim to be a fair presentation of news. Their values ​​should be impartiality and disinterest, which is just the accepted standard at Fox News. However, this does not protect them from bias at specific points. With the help of correctly placed accents, they emphasize the position of disapproval of the BLM lessons and deliberately use rhetorical reception. These devices include just the mention of the nuclear family and, even more importantly, the recognition of the sexualization of children (Colton). Society reacts sharply to the problems of children, and propaganda takes advantage of this. It is an unquestioning value of a developed society, and even the mention of such perverted phenomena will linger in people’s memory as sensations. For this, they do not have to listen to the interview carefully or carefully read the article; their eyes and ears catch on to vivid information.

I think the authors would notice the placement of accents of journalists, reflecting their possible biases. There is a controversial issue in the story’s logic: BLM lessons at school and the destruction of the institution of the family. BLM has nothing to do with nuclear families, religious persecution, or pedophilia. The presentation of information in quotation marks suggests that the journalists may want to relieve themselves of responsibility for what was written and protect themselves.

This article does not reflect reality but shows only part of it, citing the words of specific individuals as examples. I would advise reading this article for those interested in the latest news about BLM in schools. This article is aimed at people who are already seriously familiar with the problems of BLM. I would advise people to read many different sources and ask friends for opinions about what they saw because, in the discussion, some issues are easier to understand.

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