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A well-built, insightful and effective argumentative strategy is a crucial tool in conducting academic analysis, research, or any relevant practice. Therefore, taking introspect into the process of constructing a written argument is a vital part of building key academic and critical thinking skills. By combining the active use of references and supportive material for building an argument with the application of a multifaceted analysis., I will be able to improve my argumentative skills significantly. While the introduction and the thesis statement are rather solid in my current writing, the opposing viewpoints may be slightly underrepresented. Namely, I will have to strive to incorporate the full gamut of the alternative opinions on the subject matter, thus, introducing nuance into my writing (Folse & Pugh, 2020). The specified issue affects the rest of the writing, making the generally well-constructed arguments seem less impressive. Finally, the concluding paragraph appears to be sufficiently deep and informative.

Therefore, my plans for improving my writing include introducing a greater range of perspectives into the paper when writing an introduction and constructing the main arguments. To find the alternative perspectives, I will need to consult academic journals on the topic and introduce the relevant ideas into my paper. Thus, a cohesive argument will be crated successfully and introduced into the essay. Finally, a powerful conclusion can be constructed by reiterating the thesis statement and providing recommendations for further improvements. The incorporation of evidence-based information referenced from a plethora of relevant peer-reviewed sources coupled with the use of critical thinking and am all-encompassing analysis will allow me strengthen my writing significantly (Beins & Beins, 2020). While currently, the level of analysis in my writing is quite sufficient, it could benefit from the incorporation of a broader range of perspectives, including the opposing ones. Thus, I will strengthen the argument significantly.


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