Aspects of Cognitive Psychology

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Cognitive psychology, measuring intelligence, and classifying intelligence are some of the takeaway topics covered. Cognitive psychology is a science that focuses on how a person’s brain works. These works include problem-solving, learning, attention, and memory. People have different reactions based on their thinking (Openstax, n.d.). If a person is identified to have a mental problem, this is the most well-known technique used during treatment. Different theories are used in cognitive psychology that interprets this psychology differently. For example, Piaget’s theory argues that children go through various stages of development before they understand the world. These stages help them attain growth and development that allows them to make decisions on their own. Intelligence measuring is the test of intelligence level adjusted as age passes by. It is the ability to use logic to think and reason differently based on their decision-making.

Intelligence is classified in different ways, which include picture smart, people smart, number smart, and music smart. People are clever in different ways and those ways are used to classify them in different levels. Intelligence classification gives more credit to the people who identify the techniques and language to tackle a certain technique uniquely and acceptably. All these subjects interact as they focus on human behavior, which is triggered by their thinking. The most pressing question about the reading is, what if intelligence tests outweigh other people? Instead, they have more potential than the recognized ones. In the featured case, these tests are proved to have irregularities. Will the intelligence test ever be accepted again by society? The fact that a person’s capability can be tested using various techniques surprises many who think that the test can contradict expectations.


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