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There is a huge variety of people in the world who differ from each other in their unique character. This is due to the fact that the psychological component of each individual determines them to a certain personality type. Among them, the most famous are introverts and extroverts, who are complete opposites. This work aims to explore the concept of an introvert personality based on the work of James Rauch called “Caring for your introvert”. Therefore, this essay will try to shed some light on who introverts are as a person. It will provide insight into the misconception of introverts, how the world views them, and how introverts view themselves. Consideration of the traits that are characteristic of these psychological types will help determine the ways of communication with such people so that it is satisfactory for both sides of the conversation.

Before starting to investigate the issue of interaction with introverts, it is necessary to understand what these people are. Thus, this psychological type of individual is most often characterized as a person who does not like hype and publicity in any of its manifestations. Moreover, the main source of energy and inspiration for such people is being alone. When they are in a social environment, they lose all the stimulating environment and become depressed.

The basis of attention for an introvert is taking care of their own feelings, and all their efforts are directed inward. The peculiarities of this type of individuals consist in the fact that for them, the internal state is in the first place. All the events that happen around them recede into the background and become mediocre. Introverts often find company exhausting, but they are often quite pleasant if they do find company. “After an hour or two of being socially “on,” we need to turn off and recharge” (Rauch, 2003, para. 5). Introverts prefer to be in smaller crowds, while extroverts prefer to be around people and be more sociable. Introverts do not seek large groups of people to find pleasure. Introverts and extroverts represent two different ways of interacting with people. Introverts like a closed lifestyle, solitary behavior, in which they feel the maximum degree of satisfaction. According to many people with this personality type, they often feel ashamed of whom they are, not infrequently wanting to become someone else.

Another unique feature of introverts is the difficulty in explaining their point of view due to the fact that it is difficult for them to find the right words at the right time. Moreover, such individuals have difficulty understanding why they have such reclusive traits when others can calmly and confidently socialize. In other words, introverts are less likely to be understood by people with a different psychological type. It is possible to understand that a person is an introvert only by a strictly observed distance and an unusual reaction to stress. Henceforth, intense situations, introverts close themselves and prefer to remain silent. They comprehensively analyze what is happening and the problem within themselves and need peace. This behavior in stressful situations can be challenging for other people to understand.

The main opposition of introverts is extroverts who are entirely different from the studied closed personality type in that they prefer companies and much communication. They feed their energy by constant interaction with others and their attention, thus dominating the social environment. Modern society is characterized by the prevalence of such individuals, who are characterized as outgoing. This behavior is considered normal and therefore desirable, a mark of happiness, confidence, leadership.

However, it must be underlined that introverts are not shy, loners, arrogant, or even misanthropic, just misunderstood by the world because of a misconception of personality traits. They are just people who prefer to keep to themselves for many reasons. Many people assume that introverts are shy and are not social people, but they often confuse shyness with introversion. When people think of being shy, they think of being timid, reserved, and unwilling to be too outgoing. “Shy people are anxious or frightened or self-excoriating in social settings; introverts generally are not “(Rauch, 2003, para. 4). On the other hand, introverts are shy with certain people and not with others which means that they are not rude or mean. They are not always sure of themselves, but they are determined and do not like to be the center of attention, but they are good at leading conversations when they want to.

Introverts view themselves as kind, loyal, and non-judgmental, which also indicates that they are not selfish people. On the contrary, they view themselves as responsible and often consider themselves better than their peers. Their alone time is highly valued, but they also enjoy spending time with their family and close friends. They are hardworking and often put the needs of others before themselves. They are quiet people who prefer to listen rather than speak, but when they do speak, people listen. It is especially difficult in the modern world for introverted women who experience a sufficiently high degree of additional pressure. In certain circles, a man can still sometimes get away with being what they used to call a strong and silent type. Therefore, women lacking that alternative are more likely than men to be perceived as timid and withdrawn.

Further, having carefully considered the features of such a psychological type of people as introverts, it is necessary to understand how to communicate with them so as not to introduce them into a state of discomfort. Such communication should show respect for the interlocutor and convey a sense of support during interaction. First, it is necessary to understand that such behavior is not something that a person has independently chosen. Secondly, psychological assistance to an individual in communication becomes a valuable aspect. These may be various leading questions in a situation where an introvert has difficulty maintaining communication. In some cases, the most effective way may be to maintain silence and distance yourself from unnecessary remarks in order to create comfortable conditions for the introvert interlocutor.

This work has studied the characteristic features of such a psychological type as an introvert. For a better understanding, James Rauch’s literary work “Caring for your introvert” was used. Moreover, the scientific paper concluded that despite the fact that people consider these personalities boring and uninteresting interlocutors, this is not always the case. Detached behavior, which can be considered as ignoring and disrespectful, is a defensive reaction of an individual to the need to socialize. That is why people like introverts need an extraordinary approach when conducting a conversation. The priority in this process is to create a sense of comfort and satisfaction, which are very important for introverted individuals.


Rauch, J. (2003). Caring for your introvert. The Atlantic. Web.

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