Child Abuse and Its Impact on Everyday Life

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It is essential to note that child abuse is a serious, widespread, and multifaceted problem. The challenge of abuse extends beyond the obvious injuries and bruises. Only physical abuse is usually visible, but child abuse has many other forms, such as emotional neglect and neglect, which are not as prominent to others. However, they leave equally deep “scars” on the child (Davidson and Bifulco 56). Neglecting children’s needs, leaving them in dangerous situations with a high risk of injury or death, humiliating children, and convincing them that they are a useless burden are just some examples of abuse (Davidson and Bifulco 56). They all have one common factor: they cause deep emotional trauma to the child. Any responsible adult, not just a medical professional, can help solve this problem.


Child abuse causes distress to kids and families and can have long-lasting consequences. Abuse leads to stress, which is associated with impaired early brain development. Extreme stress can damage the nervous and immune systems (Davidson and Bifulco 58). As a consequence, people who were abused as children are at increased risk for behavioral and physical, and mental health problems in adulthood. It is significant that abused children of preschool and early school age were found to have intellectual and speech impairments without signs of neurological impairment. In general, abuse of kids affects their everyday life, which manifests itself in children’s alienation from society (Davidson and Bifulco 59).


Thus, children become restrained in themselves and independently experience stress, which in the future will lead to the detection of new forms of aggression. Accordingly, children who suffer from violence may have tendencies to commit abuse in the future.

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