Stress Management at Work and Its Positive Effects

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Stress has become an inevitable part of the life of a modern person, given the technological development and the pace of life. It seems that stress is a purely negative aspect and should be avoided whenever possible. It is partly true, however, there are positive effects of stress. The main positive factor lies in increasing work efficiency due to stress, as the body is grouped and becomes more focused. However, it should be remembered that the positive effects of stress can only be achieved under certain conditions.


Organizations can achieve the positive effects of stress by channeling its effects in the right direction. Thus, the stress caused by bullying, a hostile team, or unfair bosses will hurt the individual and health. However, “eustress”, or manage stress, can unleash the potential of workers and improve performance (Stress Management and Workplace Diversity, 2022). The main condition is to provide the employee with the opportunity to avoid burnout. In addition, the worker should be made clear that hard work will be fairly rewarded.

In this case, the stress becomes manageable, moreover, the employee will voluntarily show an effort on himself to achieve the goal. After completing the aim, self-esteem, and motivation increase, and all the negative effects of stress are reduced. In addition, the employee becomes more hardened, grouped, and focused, which will have a positive impact not only on the employee but also on the company in the future.


To achieve such an effect, the organization needs to take care that the employee is sure of fair remuneration. Moreover, it is necessary to monitor the actions of leaders, namely maintaining a friendly atmosphere and providing support. Finally, one can add a competitive moment to the company’s work, which will also cause manageable stress and positive emotions in case of a win.


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