Mindfulness and Stress Management

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In modern society, more and more people are exposed to daily stress, which can later cause many different problems. Thus, mindfulness practice and finding ways to manage stress play an important role. It is worth noting that for each individual, different personal practices can help them find peace and stability. First of all, it is essential to understand that mindfulness is determined by the ability to fully realize what is happening to a person and what feelings arise at the same time.

As for me, I have started practicing mindfulness and stress management in the last few years, as more stressful situations have appeared in my life. One of the mindfulness instrumental techniques for me was going for long walks. They last about one hour, which may seem superfluous. However, they help me to look at the problem I am facing at the moment. Especially important for me in this process is the selection of music. It is a calm and measured melody that will not distract me from my thoughts while not reacting to the world around me.

More recently, I started trying to turn to meditation practices at home. I started doing this because I had a desire to learn more techniques on how to manage stress, and I am still searching for new approaches now. This is because walking is very dependent on weather conditions and physical conditions. Having learned from friends and the Internet that meditation was an effective practice of mindfulness, I studied several videos on online platforms. I started with short concentrations; however, I still have difficulties since there are more attention triggers at home.

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