The Issue of Stress in Adolescents

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Young adults are experiencing a significant amount of stress during puberty, and the number of causes is expanding yearly. For instance, one of the common aspects that cause stress is the use of social media and online communication (Erath and Pettit, 2021). The spread of information is quick these days, and trends are changing faster. Adolescents are not able to filter the information provided online, and sometimes incorrect data may form stereotypes in different spheres of life. Moreover, the increasing amount of advertisements that include perfect bodies and highly-motivated people might decrease self-confidence in young people and increase suicidal thoughts. Another stress unique to the young generation is extensively studying to become better professionals. Many working positions are becoming competitive, and teenagers are spending more time increasing their skills and receiving desired jobs. However, not all students mention the decrease in their health condition caused by stress which continues to harm their mental health.

The risk-taking behavior of social media use is the desire to become equal to models and influencers online. Young people might take special pills to become skinnier or follow harsh diets that harm their bodies. Also, spending more time on homework is risk-taking as the brain requires rest, and adolescents want to complete more tasks to pass exams or write high-quality essays. Parents need to provide needed support and ensure that their children are not subjected to harmful trends. For example, schools should value the mental health of teenagers and give them enough time to socialize in real life and avoid extensive studying. Moreover, parents should spend more time with their children from a young age to educate them and ensure they can avoid stress in early adulthood.


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