Thoughts About the End of Life at an Older Age

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Much research has been done to correctly categorize a person’s age. The age after 60 and before death is considered late adulthood. However, many scientists argue that one category is not enough for such a long period. Since many factors affect the life of an organism, especially in late maturity, significant changes occur every few years. Therefore, this period of life was divided into two more categories, and these are from 60 to 75 and from 75 to death. In addition, some researchers divide the categories from 75 to 85 and from 85 to death.

The first category 60 – 75, which is called young-old people, are still in society and stay in touch with their family and friends. They may also be employed or participate in volunteer activities. The second category 75 – 85, which is called middle-aged, is characterized by the manifestation of chronic diseases, such as arthritis. In this category, a person experiences more stress due to the death of friends, acquaintances, husbands, or wives. Problems with independent movement and as a result of injury may begin. The third group 85+ is called old-old and differs from the first ones in that many of its representatives are dependent on the supervision of other people and need guardianship. Mobility can be severely limited, and as a consequence, social isolation begins.

Older adults have more complex and complex healthcare requirements. The first option to take care of your longevity is modern healthcare devices. They can measure various indicators that the attending doctors of an elderly person can monitor to respond to any deviations in the body. Also, aging people, if possible, should be physically active and maintain social ties and communication to take care of their moral condition.

Thoughts about the end of life at an older age can most often arise from the death of a loved one. Such thoughts can lead to depression as a result, and it is important to treat such an elderly person correctly. First, you need to get the support of the old person’s family and friends to create a supportive fellowship. Second, prescribing antidepressants can be a good option for older people. Thirdly, psychological assistance also plays a key role in the process of ridding a person of thoughts about the end of life. It is important to combine such assistance with drug treatment.


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