Televised Violence and Aggressive Behavior

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Electronic communication has dramatically improved in recent years, from using Morse codes in telegram communication to using radios to motion pictures in the modernly developed television. Private enterprises and the federal government worked together to build radios and television. These inventions resulted in tremendous advantages socially and in terms of culture and religion, apart from creating an express form of communication. Despite the opportunities, there have been effects on peoples’ rate of aggressive behavior.

Evaluation OF Violence on Television

The evaluation focuses on the recent news article, Violence on TV: the effects can stretch from age 3 into the teens, the source of the University of Montreal, published on Science News. The article explains that exposure to violent media can have an adverse impact on a child’s mental and academic development during their preschool years. Compared to the earlier history of television content, today’s children experience psychological distress and academic problems. The author explains that psychological adjustment and academic motivation are essential elements in the successful transition to adolescence. Children exposed to typical violent content on television are more likely to experience subsequent increases in emotional distress and exhibit declines in classroom involvement, academic achievement, and academic motivation. Preschoolers often internalize the on-screen antics of fictional characters and take them at face value. Thus, television graphic violence can cause aggressive behavior in children and teenagers watching these programs.

Research designed to gain perspective on human aggression indicates that sports violence affects levels of aggression. Aggression is a behavior where one intends to harm one’s self or others. In sports, whether an injury occurs or not, aggressive behavior, intentional or non-intentional, is usually aimed at an opposing party for victory or defeat. Sports violence can occur due to social and psychological reasons. Sports with violence increase aggression levels similar to violent movies and television shows.

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