Using Acute Stress to Improve Episodic Memory by McCullough et al.

Topic: Cognitive Psychology
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Memory is an essential component of learning, and with memory improvement, people can achieve good educational results. McCullough et al. (2019) discuss using acute stress to improve episodic memory. The authors emphasize the importance of contextual binding in memory improvement because it facilitates learning new information. The authors aim to find new techniques to help individuals improve learning results. This information can be used both in pedagogical studies and in psychology. The authors assume that stress significantly impacts how people perceive and remember new information, but the context when it occurs is more important.

The discussed article has a logical structure that balances theoretical and practical information on the topic. It facilitates an understanding of the background of the experiment and its goals. The text’s original conclusions enhance readers’ knowledge about the theme. According to the results of the experiment McCullough et al. (2019) conducted, the stressor helps the participants to recognize the information or the objects better only when the context is the same. When the same stressing factor happens in a different context, it does not positively impact the individual’s human memory and recognition abilities.

Therefore, the article by McCullough et al. (2019) discusses the relevant topic that educators and psychologists might find practically helpful for their work. The experiment the authors conduct illustrates the conclusions of the text vividly. It allows scholars to test the hypothesis in practice, which is valuable for an objective investigation. It allows stating that the discussed article is an example of objective, logical, and original academic writing. Furthermore, it makes the information from the research applicable in practice and can be used for subsequent studies of human memory.


McCullough, A. M., Shields, G. S., & Yonelinas, A. P. (2019). Using acute stress to improve episodic memory: The critical role of contextual binding. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 158, 1–8.

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