The Psychology of Human Sexuality

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The chapter on the psychology of human sexuality consists of several key aspects of the topic, including its biological, psychological, psychosocial, and cultural manifestations. Lucas and Fox (2022), emphasize the scientific side of investigating human sexuality as a phenomenon and a driving force of human life. The chapter is aimed at illustrating the multifaceted nature of human sexuality as a complex and omnipresent issue with an attempt to explain the importance of elevating a taboo connotation from it.

Firstly, the chapter addresses the history of sex, which dates back to the inception of humankind. The researchers provide examples of how sexuality has been studied in the early times and how it still remains a crucial issue for scholarly investigation. Secondly, the terms of sex, gender, and sexual orientation are defined. Lucas and Fox (2022) distinguish between the term ‘sex,’ which refers to the biological sphere, from the term ‘gender,’ which has a social meaning. Sexual orientation is explained to be a “person’s sexual attraction to others” (Lucas & Fox, 2022, para. 13). Thirdly, the variations of sex, gender, and sexual orientation are described as a norm in human sexuality, which requires social tolerance in the contemporary world. For example, the authors of the chapter indicate that gender is fluid and might occur in multiple alterations and combinations. Indeed, people might identify as transgender males, transgender females, and intersex individuals (with both or no reproductive organs). Moreover, regardless of gender, people might be homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual, which impacts their sexual behavior.

Fourthly, sex behavior is defined as the combination of actions and attitudes related to sex and used by people. In particular, Lucas and Fox (2022) outline the kinds of sex and the importance of consent in sexual intercourse. In the chapter, it is explained that all types of sexual behavior are considered normal if the interaction is consensual, voluntary, and safe for all the involved parties. Overall, the chapter provides complete objective information on the psychology of human sexuality as it unfolds within multiple aspects of human life in a variety of manifestations.


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